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1 Status of Zabbix


In Reports → Status of Zabbix a summary of key system data is displayed.

This report is also displayed as a widget in the Dashboard.

Displayed data
Zabbix server is running Status of Zabbix server:
Yes - server is running
No - server is not running
Note: To make sure the web frontend knows that the server is running there must be at least one trapper process started on the server (StartTrappers parameter in zabbix_server.conf file>0).
Location and port of Zabbix server.
Number of hosts Total number of hosts configured is displayed.
Templates are counted as a type of host too.
Number of monitored hosts/not monitored hosts/templates.
Number of items Total number of items is displayed. Only items assigned to enabled hosts are counted. Number of monitored/disabled/unsupported items.
Number of triggers Total number of triggers is displayed. Only triggers assigned to enabled hosts and depending on enabled items are counted. Enabled/disabled triggers. [Triggers in problem/ok state.]
Number of users Total number of users configured is displayed. Number of users online.
Required server performance, new values per second The current number of new values expected from Zabbix server per second is displayed.