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-==== - #6 Windows performance counters ====+==== 6 Windows performance counters ====
 === Overview === === Overview ===
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   perf_counter["​\Processor(0)\Interrupts/​sec",​ 10]   perf_counter["​\Processor(0)\Interrupts/​sec",​ 10]
-For more information on using this key, see [[manual:​config:​items:​itemtypes:​zabbix_agent:​win_keys|Windows-specific item keys]].+For more information on using this key or its English-only equivalent ''​perf_counter_en''​, see [[manual:​config:​items:​itemtypes:​zabbix_agent:​win_keys|Windows-specific item keys]].
 In order to get a full list of performance counters available for monitoring, you may run: In order to get a full list of performance counters available for monitoring, you may run:
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 === Numeric representation === === Numeric representation ===
-As the naming of performance counters may differ on different Windows serversdepending on local settingsit introduces a certain problem when creating a template for monitoring several Windows machines having different locales.+Windows maintains numeric representations (indexes) for object and performance counter names. Zabbix supports these numeric representations as parameters to the ''​perf_counter''​''​perf_counter_en''​ item keys and in ''​PerfCounter''​''​PerfCounterEn''​ configuration parameters.
-At the same time every performance counter can also be referred ​to by its numeric ​formwhich is unique and exactly the same regardless of language settings, so you might use the numeric representation instead ​of strings.+However, it's not recommended ​to use them unless you can guarantee your numeric ​indexes map to correct strings on specific hosts. If you need to create portable items that work across different hosts with various localized Windows versionsstarting with Zabbix 4.0.13 ​you can use the ''​perf_counter_en''​ key or ''​PerfCounterEn''​ configuration parameter which allow to use English names regardless ​of system locale.
 To find out the numeric equivalents,​ run **regedit**,​ then find //​HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\009//​. To find out the numeric equivalents,​ run **regedit**,​ then find //​HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\009//​.