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 ==== 14 What's new in Zabbix 4.0.9 ==== ==== 14 What's new in Zabbix 4.0.9 ====
-=== Item changes ​=== +This minor version does not have any functional ​changes.
- +
-****,​ ****,​ **** ​ agent [[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​zabbix_agent|items]] now along with hostname also support URL as the first parameter, allowing to specify both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. As a prerequisite of SSL (HTTPS) functionality,​ the agent should be compiled with cURL support. Previously, only domain name or IP address was allowed in the first parameter and there was no support for HTTPS protocol. +
- +
-Additionally,​ Unicode is now supported in the hostnames of these items (Punycode support was added). +
- +
-=== Configuration parameters === +
- +
-The [[:​manual/​appendix/​config/​zabbix_server|LoadModule]] server/​proxy/​agent parameter now supports specifying relative or absolute path to the module. +
- +
-=== Maintenance icon in host list === +
- +
-An orange wrench icon {{:​manual:​web_interface:​frontend_sections:​configuration:​maintenance_wrench_icon.png|}} next to the host status now indicates that this host is in maintenance in //​Configuration -> Hosts//. Maintenance details are displayed when the mouse pointer is positioned over the icon: +
- +
-{{:​manual:​introduction:​host_config_maintenance.png|}} +
- +
-Previously, an orange //In maintenance//​ string was displayed as status instead of the icon. +
- +
-=== Regular expressions === +
- +
-The //File systems for discovery// global [[:​manual/​regular_expressions#​explanation_of_global_regular_expressions|regular expression]] has been updated to include %%"​%%apfs%%"​%%.+