What's New in Zabbix 2.4

Defining multiple filters for low level discovery

The filter section in low level discovery rule definition now allows to define several filters and add custom calculation rules between the filters.

This is useful for anyone who needs to parse more than one tree of values to get entities that they need. For example, you may now filter entities by both file system type and mount point - useful for organizations with Solaris zone deployments.

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Trigger filtering options extended

Triggers in the monitoring section can now be filtered by application and by host inventory name. Moreover, all filtering options previously available in the trigger status page are now available in the trigger overview page as well.

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Creating ad-hoc graphs easily

With this feature you may create a graph, showing CPU load on all cluster servers or comparing queries per second with user sessions with just a few clicks.

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Ability to remove resources missing in an XML file

Updating templates and hosts will now be easier with the new option of removing anything that is not present in the imported XML.

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Improved action condition flexibility

Similarly to what is now available for low level discovery filters, custom calculation rules are now also available for action conditions, complementing the previous set of and/or conditions.

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Including LLD generated graphs in screens

In Zabbix 2.4 it is possible to include low-level discovery generated graphs in screens in a completely automated fashion.

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Specifying custom headers for web monitoring

You may now monitor picky web applications by utilizing ability to specify custom headers for HTTP requests. This way it is possible to monitor availability and performance of APIs based on JSON, XML/SOAP and other protocols.

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