What's New in Zabbix 2.2

Virtual Machine Monitoring

Low-level discovery rules in Zabbix 2.2 can automate the monitoring of VMware hypervisors and virtual machines using pre-defined host prototypes. Ready-to-use templates are available for VMware vCenter and vSphere.

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Performance Improvements

Hundreds of small and large changes, such as more data in cache, optimization of calls to the database, introduction of better processing algorithms, were made in Zabbix 2.2 to deliver the best performing monitoring solution on the market.

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Loadable Modules

Zabbix 2.2 introduces modules for data collection. Besides using custom scripts, now a module can be used in Zabbix agent, server or proxy daemon to collect data. It can be compiled or loaded in runtime.

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Simplified Web Monitoring

Assign individual proxies to collect data for web monitoring scenario. Save scenario as template. Extract web content from one page and reuse in another. Easily monitor hundreds of web sources.

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Manage Plain Text Data

Zabbix 2.2 now allows to extract content from logfiles, plain text files and webpages using regular expressions.

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Proxy Self-monitoring

Internal checks are now supported for Zabbix proxies. Cache usage, proxy buffer and process busy states are monitored to simplify finetuning and troubleshooting of Zabbix proxies.

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Filtering Improvements

Zabbix 2.2 front-end introduces new filtering capabilities like network map filtering by severity, host group exclusion from dashboard and many others, allowing to easily overview monitoring results from tens of thousands of devices.

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Native WMI Support for Windows Agent

Zabbix Windows agent previously supported Windows performance counter monitoring. It has now gained native Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) support.

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A Deeper Look at Zabbix 2.2

Over 100 new features and improvements add up to one amazing Zabbix experience.

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