SNMP and IPMI Agents

SNMP support

A Zabbix server can collect data from devices with SNMP agent versions v1, v2 or v3. SNMP agents are present not only in network equipment, but also in printers, NAS, UPS. Basically, any equipment that is present on the network can be monitored through SNMP agents.

For easier configuration, Zabbix supports the standard SNMP MIB-2, as well as specific information on an Enterprise MIB.

You can collect data by using the SNMP polling mode or receiving SNMP traps through the snmptrap daemon and zabbix_sender utility.

Additionally, you can get SNMP data with the use of dynamic indexes offering monitoring that is flexible and without performance degradation, since the resolution queries are cached.

IPMI agent

To get important data from hardware, a Zabbix server supports IPMI agents, which are present by default on Intel architecture servers like HP iLO and Dell DRAC.

The items available through IPMI agents vary in each hardware, but these are the most common:

  • Temperature of the CPU and chassis
  • Fan speed
  • System voltages
  • State of the physical disk
  • Maintenance LED status

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