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 </​HEAD><​BODY>​ </​HEAD><​BODY>​
 <​H1>​ZABBIX_PROXY</​H1>​ <​H1>​ZABBIX_PROXY</​H1>​
-Section: Maintenance Commands (8)<​BR>​Updated: ​2014-07-10<​BR><​A HREF="#​index">​Index</​A>​ +Section: Maintenance Commands (8)<​BR>​Updated: ​2016-01-13<​BR><​A HREF="#​index">​Index</​A>​ 
-<a href=/​documentation/​2.4/​manpages>​Return to Main Contents</​A><​HR>​+<A HREF="/​documentation/​3.0/manpages">Return to Main Contents</​A><​HR>​
 <A NAME="​lbAB">&​nbsp;</​A>​ <A NAME="​lbAB">&​nbsp;</​A>​
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 Use the alternate <​I>​config-file</​I>​ instead of the default one. Use the alternate <​I>​config-file</​I>​ instead of the default one.
 Absolute path should be specified. Absolute path should be specified.
 +<​DT><​B>​-f</​B>,​ <​B>​--foreground</​B><​DD>​
 +Run Zabbix proxy in foreground.
 <​DT><​B>​-R</​B>,​ <​B>​--runtime-control</​B>​ <​I>​runtime-option</​I><​DD>​ <​DT><​B>​-R</​B>,​ <​B>​--runtime-control</​B>​ <​I>​runtime-option</​I><​DD>​
 Perform administrative functions according to <​I>​runtime-option</​I>​. Perform administrative functions according to <​I>​runtime-option</​I>​.
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 man2html, man2html,
 using the manual pages.<​BR>​ using the manual pages.<​BR>​
-Time: 15:43:53 GMT, October 242014+Time: 09:10:13 GMT, January 192016
 </​BODY>​ </​BODY>​
 </​HTML>​ </​HTML>​