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8 Notes on memtype parameter in proc.mem items

The memtype parameter is supported on AIX, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris platforms. On all these platforms 3 common values of memtype are supported: pmem, rss, vsize. On some of the platforms also platform-specific memtype values are supported.


See supported values of memtype parameter on AIX in the table.

Supported value Description Source in procentry64 structure Tries to be compatible with
vsize* Virtual memory size pi_size
pmem Percentage of real memory pi_prm ps -o pmem
rss Resident set size pi_trss + pi_drss ps -o rssize
size Size of process (code + data) pi_dvm “ps gvw” SIZE column
dsize Data size pi_dsize
tsize Text (code) size pi_tsize “ps gvw” TSIZ column
sdsize Data size from shared library pi_sdsize
drss Data resident set size pi_drss
trss Text resident set size pi_trss
dvm Data virtual memory size pi_dvm shows the same value as 'size'
* - default value


memtype value Is default Description Source in kinfo_proc structure Tries to be compatible with
vsize virtual size kp_eproc.e_vm.vm_map.size or ki_size ps -o vsz
pmem percentage of real memory calculated from rss ps -o pmem
rss resident set size kp_eproc.e_vm.vm_rssize or ki_rssize ps -o rss
size * size of process (code + data + stack) tsize + dsize + ssize
tsize text (code) size kp_eproc.e_vm.vm_tsize or ki_tsize ps -o tsiz
dsize data size kp_eproc.e_vm.vm_dsize or ki_dsize ps -o dsiz
ssize stack size kp_eproc.e_vm.vm_ssize or ki_ssize ps -o ssiz


memtype value Is default Description Source in /proc/<pid>/status file
vsize * virtual memory size VmSize
pmem percentage of real memory (VmRSS/total_memory) * 100
rss resident set size VmRSS
data size of data segment VmData
exe size of code segment VmExe
hwm peak resident set size VmHWM
lck size of locked memory VmLck
lib size of shared libraries VmLib
peak peak virtual memory size VmPeak
pin size of pinned pages VmPin
pte size of page table entries VmPTE
size size of process code + data + stack segments VmExe + VmData + VmStk
stk size of stack segment VmStk
swap size of swap space used VmSwap

Notes for Linux:

  1. Not all memtype values are supported by older Linux kernels. For example, Linux 2.4 kernels do not support hwm, pin, peak, pte and swap values.
  2. We have noticed that self-monitoring of Zabbix agent active checks process with proc.mem[…,…,…,…,data] shows a value 4 kB larger than reported by VmData line in the agent's /proc/<pid>/status file. At time of self-measurement the agent's data segment increases by 4 kB and then returns to the previous size.


memtype value Is default Description Source in psinfo structure Tries to be compatible with
vsize * size of process image pr_size ps -o vsz
pmem percentage of real memory pr_pctmem ps -o pmem
rss resident set size
It may be underestimated - see rss description in “man ps”.
pr_rssize ps -o rss