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-===== - #8 Macros ===== 
-=== Overview === 
-Zabbix supports a number of macros which may be used in various situations. Macros are variables, identified by a **{MACRO}** syntax, and resolve to a specific value depending on the context. 
-Effective use of macros allows to save time and make Zabbix configuration more transparent. ​ 
-In one of typical uses, a macro may be used in a template. Thus a trigger on a template may be named "​Processor load is too high on {HOST.NAME}"​. When the template is applied to the host, such as Zabbix server, the name will resolve to "​Processor load is too high on Zabbix server"​ when the trigger is displayed in the Monitoring section. 
-Macros may be used in item key parameters. A macro may be used for only a part of the parameter, for example ''​item.key[server_{HOST.HOST}_local]''​. It is important to double-qoute the whole parameter if the macro part may resolve to ambiguous special symbols. 
-See a full list of [[manual:​appendix:​macros:​supported_by_location|supported macros]] by location. 
-You can also configure your own [[manual:​config:​macros:​usermacros|user macros]].