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 +===== Appendix 2. Changes from 5.0 to 5.2 =====
 +==== Backward incompatible changes =====
 +=== General ===
 +==== Other changes and bug fixes ====
 +=== General ===
 +Changes: \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBXNEXT-82|ZBXNEXT-82]] added a new authentication API introducing new methods ''​authentication.get''​ and ''​authentication.update''​ \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBXNEXT-82|ZBXNEXT-82]] added a new housekeeping API introducing new methods ''​housekeeping.get''​ and ''​housekeeping.update''​ \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBXNEXT-82|ZBXNEXT-82]] added a new settings API introducing new methods ''​settings.get'',​ ''​settings.getglobal''​ and ''​settings.update''​ \\
 +=== configuration ===
 +Changes: \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBXNEXT-2754|ZBXNEXT-2754]] ''​configuration.export''​ added YAML support and new property ''​prettyprint''​ for XML and JSON formats. \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBXNEXT-2754|ZBXNEXT-2754]] ''​configuration.import''​ added YAML support. \\
 +=== host ===
 +Changes: \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBXNEXT-2156|ZBXNEXT-2156]] ''​host.create'':​ parameter ''​interfaces''​ is no longer a mandatory field. \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBXNEXT-2156|ZBXNEXT-2156]] ''​host.update'':​ parameter ''​interfaces''​ can be empty. \\
 +=== user ==
 +Changes: \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBXNEXT-3362|ZBXNEXT-3362]] changed default for ''​lang''​ in ''​user''​ object from ''​en_GB''​ to ''​default''​. \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBX-17955|ZBX-17955]] ''​user.create'',​ ''​user.update'':​ renamed parameter ''​user_medias''​ to ''​medias''​. ''​user_medias''​ parameter is now deprecated. \\
 +[[https://​​browse/​ZBXNEXT-250|ZBXNEXT-250]] added new optional ''​timezone''​ property in ''​user''​ object. \\