Translation process

Getting started

Zabbix documentation translations take place at the

To get a translator account, please register via the Translator registration form. Login and password will be sent to the email provided in this form (usually, on the next business day).

If you forgot the password, please send a request for a new password to [email protected] from the email registered in Zabbix translation portal.

Available tutorials:

Translating documentation

Zabbix documentation is written using markdown with the addition of several custom syntax elements.

Working with text elements

Element Example Instructions
Markdown syntax ###, **text**, |------|, etc. Do not edit or remove, translate only text.
Zabbix custom syntax |<|, |^|,
, :::noteclassic :::
Do not edit. Don't worry if these symbols are visible in the markdown editor - this is normal. They are needed for HTML generator of the website to create tables and notes correctly.
API method names and parameters alert.get, selectUsers, etc. Do not translate API method and parameter names - users need them in English. (please revert them back to English if using Google translate version and some names are translated).

If you are unsure, what needs and what doesn't need to be translated, check out an existing documentation page for an example.
Hyperlinks [action](/manual/config/notifications/action) Translate the text inside the square brackets [].

Do not edit or remove the text in regular brackets ().

For internal links, the link will automatically point to the documentation page in selected language.
Links to the page section (with #) [action](/manual/config/notifications/action#trigger_action)
OR: [trigger_action](#trigger_action)
If possible, replace the text after # with the section name in your language. Write the section name in small caps, use underscore _ for spaces.

If such section doesn't exist yet, leave the section name in English for now.

Also, see general instructions for hyperlinks.
Images ![](../../../../../assets/en/manual/config/notifications/action_operation.png)
OR: ![](../../../../../assets/en/manual/action_operation.png){width="600"}
Do not edit or remove. Keep as is, including all attributes in curly brackets.


At this point, there is no way to preview a documentation page until it goes live on the website. Please use a 3rd party markdown editor, for example, to check syntax.

  1. Press Copy content button to copy the whole block of text in one click.
  2. Open in a new tab, press Start writing.
  3. Paste the text into the left part of the screen.
  4. Translate the text and check how it looks in the Preview section on the right.
  5. When you are finished translating, copy the text from the left side and paste it back into Pontoon Tip: press Ctrl+A to quickly select all

Translating UI

Translating UI is similar to translating documentation. With a major exception, that markdown is not used. Instead, Zabbix UI uses GNU gettext for translations.

The language becomes enabled in Zabbix frontend when it is at least 50% translated

In general, UI translations are much simpler than those for documentation, but here are some things that you have to be mindful of:

  • UI translation strings often include numbered formatting markers such as $1%s, $2%s, etc. If the source string contains these markers, all of them must be included in the translation strings. Also watch for typos in these. It must be: <dollar sign> <number> <percent symbol> <”s” symbol>
  • If a string needs plural forms, they must be translated. In this case you will see multiple tabs above the translation text area.

There are other thing to look out for, but these two in partucular have caused the most problems in the past. During Zabbix release procedure translation errors are checked for, and if any are encountered, the release process cannot continue. If errors are in a launguage that we speak, then we will attempt to fix them. Otherwise, the troublesome translations will be deleted.

Saving translations

Pontoon supports two saving modes:

  • When you press the green Save button, the block becomes 'translated'. It will become visible on the website after the next sync.

  • When you press the blue Suggest button, the translation is saved as a draft. It will be published only after you or someone else reviews it and presses Approve.

To switch between Save and Suggest mode, press the Gear icon under the translation window, then select Make suggestions.

Reviewing translations

There are two types of translations that require a review: Unreviewed strings and Fuzzy strings.

  • Unreviewed strings - are like 'draft' translations.

  • Fuzzy strings - are blocks that have been translated before, but their content in English has been updated. Their translations need to be reviewed and updated accordingly.

If you see such translations and have enough user rights to perform the review, please feel free to do so.
To finalize a translation, open an Unreviewed or Fuzzy string, check the text and make edits if needed, then press Approve.


When will my changes go live? (Sync schedule)

Currently, there is no strictly set sync schedule. To show translated text on the website, we need to export content from Pontoon into Zabbix documentation repository. This is a source repo for generating HTML pages for .

At this time, the sync process is started manually by Pontoon administrators, on most days it happens between 7 and 8 AM UTC. There are plans to switch to an automated synchronization that will run at the beginning of every hour.

What should I translate first?

First, you need to translate the Terminology project - it will be used as a Dictionary in all other projects.

After that, you can choose to contribute to UI or documentation translations. For documentation, we suggest translating the Installation section first as this is the most visited section.

Why is my translation overridden by 'Imported' translation?

Sometimes, in the translation history you may see a duplicated entry with the author 'Imported'.

Normally, the Imported appears in one of these cases: - A script has added a new empty line after your translation. This line is needed for correct rendering of the translation block. - An English version of the block has been changed. As a result, the block will be marked as Fuzzy and the new unchanged 'Imported' entry will be added to the translation history.

If you come across an 'Imported' translation, where the translation content has been changed (except the new line at the bottom), you can report such translation to [email protected] providing the link to it.

I can only see Suggest button and no Save. Is it ok?

First, try turning off 'Make suggestions' mode as described above.

If you still see only Suggest button, you may have limited user rights. You may keep suggesting translations and wait until someone reviews them.

If after suggesting translations for at least 10 strings, you still have limited rights, ask your language team lead to extend your user permissions with 'Save permissions'. For languages that don't have a designated team lead, send an email to [email protected]