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  • ZMS
    commented on 's reply to response time
    well i need to know if the web page is on either way.
    the problem with failed steps is that the step is already failed- the webpage is pretty basic and i made a step to check if the response code is 200 but i get 307
    so i need to check the response time instead cuz if the web page goes down...
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  • ZMS
    started a topic response time

    response time

    i want to make a trigger for response time of a web site
    i want the trigger to be if the web is not responding for 2 minutes then make alert.
    what is the better option to use the max() or min() or nodata() ?
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  • ZMS
    commented on 's reply to SMS
    yes i can configure this but im not getting an SMS
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  • ZMS
    started a topic SMS


    Hey i want to send sms notifications from zabbix but all instructions that i saw included usb modems.
    is there any other way to send sms from zabbix? use some sms application or something
    help Please ...
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  • ZMS
    started a topic new trigger

    new trigger

    i want to make a new trigger to a web monitor that i have/
    i have a web monitoring that have a web scenes i want a trigger that alerts me if one of the scenes didnt go well.
    i checked and the trigger expression should be[scenename]
    but id dont know what values to...
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  • ZMS
    started a topic email listener

    email listener

    Hey, i have an application that when you fill a form and save it, the app sends this saved file somewhere by email.
    is there a way to monitor if the email been sent?
    of can u send email to zabbix by same application?
    i just need to know when the automatic email sender is working...
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  • ZMS
    commented on 's reply to zabbix snmp
    zabbix appliance the new one
    i made a host for the switch added the snmp port
    the templates are

    Template Module EtherLike-MIB SNMPv1

    Template Module Generic SNMPv2

    Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB SNMPv1

    made a regular snmp item the...
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  • ZMS
    started a topic zabbix snmp

    zabbix snmp

    im using snmp to track my switches
    but the the template don't monitor the cpu and memory.
    it is monitoring the network traffic but it doesn't show all the ports only half of them why is that?...
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  • so what can i monitor with query?
    i enabled it and made a host on the query but i only see the availability as green and no more.
    no graphs no nothing even when i put templates as "template module host-resources-min snmpv1"
    is it the right template for it?
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  • well it works but it only shows green at availability it doesnt show any graphs and stuff although i put some templates on it is it supposed to be like this?
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  • ZMS
    started a topic switch monitoring

    switch monitoring

    hey people of zabbix.
    im trying to monitor my switches (
    and i read that i need to use the snmp for this.
    i enabled snmp on the switches
    enabled snmp traps in zabbix server conf file
    do i need to do anything else? i read that i need to install some perl or...
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  • ZMS
    replied to vmware esxi
    actually im not getting any data...
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  • ZMS
    started a topic vmware esxi

    vmware esxi

    i have the new zabbix appliance installed on the esxi server and im trying to monitor this esxi server or at least the vm machines thats on him.
    i configured the zabbix_server.conf file to enable "startvmwarecollectors" to 11 for example.
    i made a new host named esxi...
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