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lamont 29-05-2010 01:37

Misleading Percentiles
I just noticed that zabbix appears to report the percentiles on a given graph after it is done processing it.

So, if you have highly sampled data that you're displaying with 'max' you will get the percentile of the maxes.

I'd consider that almost useless and misleading and never what I'd really want (at least I can't consider of a case where I want that).

What I expected to get was the 95th percentile of the raw data, and then to get a graph of the data with the max values per minute. The 95th percentile of the graphed data was not useful.

I would suggest applying the percentile computation before munging the data for the graphing and not after munging it.

MartinJanda 01-12-2010 16:15

I agree. "True percentile" would be more useful. Alternatively, when loading data after a minute, could use the opportunity to set the percentile to be calculated after 5 minutes, for example.

erikklaassen 01-11-2011 12:00

Is there yet a way to calculate the real 95 percentile?
I have done some calculations based on raw 5min samples, zabbix can be off by 25%! Thats way off.

It seems zabbix calculates the 95% based on the trends table where data is stored every hour. Can this be changed to the history table to get the 95% based on 5min samples?

erikklaassen 02-11-2011 13:25

I now solved this by forcing zabbix to take the history data instead of the trend data.

I now have graphs with a good 95% line, only for graphs with 1 item. If you have two items in you graph line input and output traffic and you want the 95% of both, you have to set your percentile to 97,5 because zabbix collects twice as much data.

jbaptiste 13-09-2017 05:24


Originally Posted by erikklaassen (Post 92447)
I now solved this by forcing zabbix to take the history data instead of the trend data.

Sorry to revive a really old thread, but how did you force zabbix to use the historic data instead ?

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