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nina 20-02-2012 08:17

trouble in configuring media in zabbix
hello all...
I have zabbix 1.8.4 installed on my CentOS.
Im facing problem in configuring the media (i.e. SMS, email) on my zabbix..
-firstly, my GSM modem is connected and perfectly working through AT commands from minicom
-zabbix user in linux seems to have permissions required
-no sms is sent when I configure zabbix
-email has also been set but no emails are sent
-when I go to Administration>Audit, I can see actions done by admin, I even can see that the Email media type has been updated but nothing on SMS
-last but not least, I am testing zabbix on the machine that has zabbix_server installed itself and is monitoring itself and I configured the media to user admin which is under Zabbix Administrators group and is Zabbix Super Admin user type...

Any clues what I have to do to troubleshoot this?

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