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viktorkho 12-07-2017 16:05

Certification Tracking System
Generally to provide access to third parties (employers, customers, etc) to verify certifications by cert number.

There is no suitable project in Jira, so I'll just leave this here.

kloczek 12-07-2017 20:31

You can monitor over zabbix anything you want as long as you are able to preset it in forma of the metric with values as scalar integer, float or string.
In other words you can implement on top of existing standard zabbix your certs monitoring.
All what you need is template which will implement such monitoring.

Templates are not fundamental part of the zabbix stack.
With standard installation comes few templates which are kind of examples.
You can delete all those templates and use you own set of those templates.

Instead asking to build-in verify certification monitoring you just should form question about how to define zabbix item(s) definition(s) to have such monitoring ..but not here because this section of the zabbix forum is not about such discussions.

viktorkho 13-07-2017 09:27


Originally Posted by kloczek (Post 201385)
You can monitor over zabbix anything you want...

Tomasz, thank you for the detailed answer, but I'm not tolking about monitoring process via any NMS.

It is about online verification service to allow someone to authenticate that the actual "Zabbix Certified Specialist/for Large Enveronments" certificate was really issued to you.

E.g., CiscoCertificates tool:

Microsoft MCP Transcript validation page:

and so on with Oracle, VMware, Citrix, etc.

kloczek 13-07-2017 14:19

As I wrote you can monitor what ever you want .. event behavior bunch o dwarfs as long as behavior of exact individuals you would be able represent as numbers or strings.
If you have let's say command which is producing output and this output is number or string you can start using collect those outputs as monitoring data stored in zabbix stack. On to of such raw data you can ad alarming layer (triggers) and add even such monitoring data presentation layer (graphs, dashboards).
In other words .. zabbix it is not monitoring software on some very specific area. No, it is general propose monitoring software with OOTB support to monitoring typical IT infrastructure. On top of this you can find in many places many templates which are sometimes way out of original build-in support.

viktorkho 13-07-2017 15:05


Originally Posted by kloczek (Post 201418)
As I wrote you can...

Tomasz, I see some misunderstanding..

When someone passes Training Courses he receives corresponding Certifacete with Document number or ID.
Then someone else (employers, customers, etc) might want to check any cert is not a fake. And.. AFAIK, there is only one way to do this - email to Zabbix SIA and ask them. But other SW vendors has online tools, which is much more convenient.

kloczek 13-07-2017 19:08

Moment .. so you want to have something like cert id in http session or zabbix API request data?

viktorkho 14-07-2017 11:08


Originally Posted by kloczek (Post 201431)
Moment .. so you want to have something like cert id in http session or zabbix API request data?

No. Again no.

Look. (Next certs and names are found in Open Internet via Google.)

Ondrej Jombik and Marco Hofmann say, that they successfully passed the training program for 3.0. But how someone can verify that they are not a Photoshop, but namely a Zabbix Professionals?

I propose to develop special online tool for online verification by cert number (you can see it in top left corner of cert).

Tomasz, Please excuse me if I'm not right
But I'm starting to suspect that I'm being trolled in previous comments

kloczek 14-07-2017 12:02

Correct me if I'm wrong.
You are asking to develop some online service by Zabbix SIA over which will be possible to verify someone zabbix training cert.
If yes, your request has nothing to do with zabbix per se and IMO you should be not talking about this here. IMO you should try to contact Zabbix customers service.

nelsonab 07-12-2017 17:23

I think this sub-forum is likely the best fit for this discussion. An alternative would be the "site feedback" sub-forum.

But I agree with viktorkho it would be very beneficial to have a Zabbix Professional Verfication system. At Red Hat we have a similar portal as well:

nelsonab 07-12-2017 17:41

I just sent an email to some of the folks on the Zabbix team about this, hopefully they'll read this, comment and lay the foundation for something like this to happen in the future.

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