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Question Zabbix 1.8.1 - Discovery SNMPv2 Continued

Ok, I did some further testing, I validated that the discovery process actually takes place, using the command tcpdump, I managed to verify that the server actually did an snmp sweep using the configuration I gave it and here is an example of a successful SNMP query:

09:46:49.360139 IP >  C=MyCommunity GetRequest(28)  system.sysObjectID.0
09:46:49.367948 IP >  C=MyCommunity GetResponse(37)  system.sysObjectID.0=[|snmp]
So given that the zabbix server does its job, sweeps the IP range and gets confirmed snmp responses, why doesn't it show up in the Monitoring>Discovery screen?

Could anyone point me a direction? /tmp/zabbix-server.log isin't much help right now...

Thanks for any input!
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