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Unhappy Found something...maybe

Hello all,

I switched the debug level of the server to 4 in the zabbix-server.conf file and restarted the zabbix server. I noticed something that seems off:

 In process_check()
 24398:20100223:104843.660 process_check() port:161
 24398:20100223:104843.660 In discover_service()
 24398:20100223:104843.660 In get_value_snmp() key:'' oid:''
 24398:20100223:104843.660 In snmp_open_session()
 24398:20100223:104843.660 SNMP [MyCommunity@]
 24398:20100223:104843.660 End of snmp_open_session()
 24398:20100223:104843.660 Standard processing
 24398:20100223:104843.660 In snmp_normalize(oid:
 24398:20100223:104843.660 End of snmp_normalize():
 24398:20100223:104843.660 In get_snmp(oid:
 24398:20100223:104843.668 Status send [0]
 24398:20100223:104843.668 AV loop OID [] Type [0x06] 'OID: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.9.1.359'
 24398:20100223:104843.668 End of get_snmp():NOTSUPPORTED
 24398:20100223:104843.668 In snmp_close_session()
 24398:20100223:104843.668 End of snmp_close_session()
 24398:20100223:104843.668 End of get_value_snmp():NOTSUPPORTED
 24398:20100223:104843.668 Discovery: Item [] error: OID [] value has unknown type [0x06]
 24398:20100223:104843.668 End of discover_service():FAIL
 24398:20100223:104843.668 Query [txnlev:1] [begin;]
 24398:20100223:104843.668 In update_service() ip:'' port:161 status:1
 24398:20100223:104843.668 In register_service() ip:'' port:161 key:''
 24398:20100223:104843.668 Query [txnlev:1] [select dserviceid,dhostid,status,lastup,lastdown,value from dservices where dcheckid=18 and type=11 and key_='' and ip='' and port=161]
 24398:20100223:104843.668 End of register_service()
 24398:20100223:104843.668 End of update_service()
 24398:20100223:104843.668 Query [txnlev:1] [commit;]
But we can see that it did get a response (OID: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.9.1.359). Seems something it messing up the closing of the discovery process. But as shown in the server log in my first post, the SNMP components do start and are enabled.

Any ideas?

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