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Originally Posted by James Wells
This is generally a system level configuration problem. Zabbix itself, uses the local system time for all time stamps. When it generates an email however, it uses the local time for data, but the email server actually creates the time stamps for the emails themselves. Right off the bat, I would suggest checking the time sync on your Zabbix Server, your mail server, and even your MySQL server, just in case.
Well, the mail server/mysql server/Zabbix server are one and the same, here is the date readout

[email protected] [~]# date
Fri Nov 11 09:17:56 EST 2005
[email protected] [~]#
Now does each application run with its own time? For instanc the emails are sent though localhost, would my SMTP server not be synced for any reason with the main system time, if so how would I check.fix it? And if this were the case, would every email I send though this server (my main EMail server) not have the same date and time on it as well..?
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