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Default Sync problem


I have a DM setup with one master and 4 children. Child's alerts never show up in the 'last 20 events' list. Even is I switch 'current node' to the child node, they don't show up either.

Even with all history been completely sync, I can't see any event sync at log.

Any idea how to solve it?

All Zabbix has the same version version:
Zabbix Server v1.8.9 (revision 23398) (22 November 2011)
Compilation time: Jan 18 2012 10:33:47

And all zabbix the file /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server has: "NodeNoEvents"
setup to 0.

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Default Problem found!


the log of the child node should have entries like:
5517:20120228:092218.376 NODE 1: Sending events of node 1 to node 999 datalen 510018
If this entry is followed by a
5517:20120228:092218.843 NOT OK
then event sync is not working anymore.

I posted this problem in already in 2009 ( but unfortunately never got an answer. But I found several other posts from people having similar problems.

So after years I tried to set up DM again and as it is still not working in my environment I tried to investigate the reason and thanks to DEBUG LEVEL 4 I hope I found it: There is simply the trigger missing for the event and then the whole process fails. You can investigate have an erroneous entry in executing the following query:
SELECT * FROM events LEFT JOIN triggers ON events.objectid = triggers.triggerid WHERE (((events.source)=0) AND ((events.object)=0) AND ((triggers.triggerid) Is Null));
You can delete the entry in the events table and replication will work.

I enclosed the debug log. Perhaps anybody can fix this long lasting bug!

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OK, if I had first a looked at the tracker I would not need to debug:
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