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Exclamation SMART monitoring for windows powershell script

Assuming you have SMART enabled on your windows disks, here's a powershell script that the Zabbix windows agent can use with template_smartd. While smart isn't a very good predictor of drive failure, it can alert you to heat issues. In this example, you'd call the script c:\drivetemp.ps1

  #IT'S not my fault if you nuke your corp's domain controller hard disks....

#In a nutshell, this is a powershell v.1 script that calls smartctl.exe, does stuff with the values
#and echoes the data back to Zabbix.

#Define the parameters for Zabbix to call

#start by executing smartctl.exe -a hda > disk1.txt on your system
#then open disk1.txt and start counting lines. 

#zabbix_agentd.conf line for this in windows:
#UserParameter=system.smartd[*],C:\windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe c:\disktemp.ps1 $1 $2

# below is because I'm too lazy to change the parameter names I stole from here:
#/dev/sda = hda in Windows

if ($arg1-eq "/dev/sda") {$arg1 = "hda"}
# WTF powershell comparison operator for equals is actually "-eq", but assignment equals is "=".
# Sorry, I did vbscript for a long time and would prefer to spend my syntax time learning 
# python, because that's what all the cool kids write in these days.
if ($arg1-eq "/dev/sdb") {$arg1 = "hdb"}

#requires smartmontools (windows) at the location of your choice as long as it's right on the next line
  # Execute smartctl and assign the output to a variable
    $smartctl ="c:\smartctl.exe -A " + $arg1
# the numbers between the [] are the lines on smartctl -A output that you want
#each drive is different and windows doesn't have that many command-line tools to get everything you want
#so you're left to edit a script below
$smartdata = (Invoke-Expression  $smartctl)[6..23]
$i = 1
do    {
	# all the below is necessary to replace one line of string manipulation in Linux.
	$length = $smartdata[$i].ToString().length
	$e = $smartdata[$i].ToString().Substring(4,24).Trim() 
	$d = $smartdata[$i].ToString().Substring(87,($length-87)).Trim()
	# Temperature needs cleaning
	if ($e-eq "Temperature_Celsius") {$d = $smartdata[$i].ToString().Substring(87,2) }
	if ($e-eq $arg2) { echo $d }
	#echo $i #useful for figuring out how many attributes you can get when you're debugging.
# while number needs equal the number of your data lines. You may need to change 15 to something else.
while ($i-le 15)
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Default Missing smart data


I wrote a litle powerschell for monitoring smaart data of my pc.
Its work for first time, but than random times have missing data, what u can se on this pic:

The pc is running but the smaart data missed for a half hour missing.
Sometimes collect the data correctly and for an hour don't collect the data.

And i don't know why

Thanks For help!
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powershell, smartctl, windows

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