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Default SNMP error [1]


Debian 6.0.4 / Zabbix 1.8.2 / NET-SNMP version: 5.4.3

Zabbix:/var/log/zabbix-server# ldd /usr/local/sbin/zabbix_server |grep snmp => /usr/lib/ (0x00007f1aba840000)

PHP Code:
snmp_buildunknown failure  3294:20120505:094111.546 Item [u010201:link_left_statuserrorSNMP error [1]
snmp_buildunknown failure  3294:20120505:094112.757 Item [u011104:link_right_statuserrorSNMP error [1
PHP Code:
7629:20120505:103834.653 In substitute_simple_macros (data:'link_right_status')
7629:20120505:103834.653 In get_value() key:'link_right_status'
7629:20120505:103834.653 In get_value_snmp() key:'link_right_status' oid:'interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifOperStatus.26'
7629:20120505:103834.653 In snmp_open_session()
7629:20120505:103834.653 SNMP [[email protected]]
7629:20120505:103834.653 End of snmp_open_session()
7629:20120505:103834.653 Standard processing
:20120505:103834.653 In snmp_normalize(oid:interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifOperStatus.26)
7629:20120505:103834.653 End of snmp_normalize():interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifOperStatus.26
:20120505:103834.653 In get_snmp(oid:interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifOperStatus.26)
No log handling enabled turning on stderr logging
unknown failure  7629:20120505:103834.653 Status send [1]
7629:20120505:103834.653 End of get_snmp():NOTSUPPORTED
:20120505:103834.653 In snmp_close_session()
7629:20120505:103834.653 End of snmp_close_session()
7629:20120505:103834.653 End of get_value_snmp():NOTSUPPORTED
:20120505:103834.653 Item [u011712:link_right_statuserrorSNMP error [1]
7629:20120505:103834.653 In zabbix_log()
7629:20120505:103834.653 In DCconfig_get_items() hostid:0 key:'zabbix[log]' 
Trouble: Zabbix doesn't want to use with SNMP.
snmpwalk return valid results, but Zabbix doesn't.
I tried to update my OS and Zabbix and have this problem atm.

I've new clean installation of Debian and Zabbix on other hardware.

I've new clean installation of Debian and Zabbix on other hardware.

I tried to export my hosts/items/triggers from old installation to new, but i've some errors and have no any good result for this: a lot of lost items and triggers.

I tried to export full sql dump from old installation to new (with mysqldump utility), but i've again the same error: SNMP error [1].

I tried to upgrade Zabbix only to 1.8.3 and 1.8.12 - nothing.
I tried to compile Zabbix from sources - nothing.

I tried to remove all zabbix related packeges and install them all again - nothing.

Help me, how to fix?
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problem solved:

after system/zabbix update i found items with wrong prefix, for example:
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets.3 instead of ifInOctets.3
that is why special oids didn't work correctly. i dont known how i did this :]
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