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Default Zabbix 3 proxy

Good day, everyone
I' ve migrared proxy and main server on version 3.0.9
zabbix_get returns data, but in Latest data empty.
I turned on Debuglevel = 5 and catched next records
tail -f /var/log/zabbix/zabbix_proxy.log|grep FAIL
31419:20170704:132117.506 End of get_host_availability_data():FAIL
31443:20170704:132126.481 End of get_hostid_by_host():FAIL
31419:20170704:132127.510 End of get_host_availability_data():FAIL
31443:20170704:132131.019 End of get_hostid_by_host():FAIL
31419:20170704:132137.534 End of get_host_availability_data():FAIL
31419:20170704:132147.545 End of get_host_availability_data():FAIL
31417:20170704:132155.502 End of process_proxyconfig_table():FAIL

Zabbix 3.0.9 Database Oracle XE
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What I understood from your post is that your monitored hosts are not display any data under "Latest Data" is that correct?
If that is the case, here are couple thing you can check:
  1. Make sure that your proxy is properly configured and is able to talk to the zabbix server (Administration -> Proxy). Configuration files could get overwritten during upgrades.
  2. Make sure that your target hosts have the correct agent configuration so they send data to the correspondent proxy server.
  3. Make sure that your target hosts have the correct proxy server under "Monitored by proxy"
  4. Check for host name changes or DNS changes in your proxy.
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For any proxy, at any level, it is always safe to drop your database and rebuild it per the install doc.

I wonder if the proxy schema changed and doesn't update like the server db schema would.
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