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Default Zabbix 3.4 + Raspberry Pi B2 - Admin user problem [SOLVED]


It is really a rare occasion, when I ask for help at the forums or mail lists. Most of the problems are going away after some googling.

This time it did not.

I've tried to install Zabbix Server 3.4 (MySQL) to Raspbian from this repo:
deb stretch main
deb-src stretch main
Everything seemed fine. All services are up. I go to web page of the server. Log in as Admin. But I don't have access to tabs "Configuration" and "Administration". They are just gone! I'm confused.

I don't know if this is Apache, MySQL or Zabbix problem. Where should I dig? Checked some tables in Zabbix database - no anomalies from my perspective, but I don't know DB structure well. Please, help!

Raspbian 9 info:
Kernel        4.9.59-v7+
Architecture        armv7l
Packages info:
MySQL        10.0.28-MariaDB-2+b1
zabbix-server-mysql        1:3.4.4-4+stretch
Apache        2.4.25
zabbix-frontend-php        1:3.4.4-4+stretch
Thank you!

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The problem was in browser. I've deleted FireFox config directory and now it's fine. =)
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