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Default Calculated Items in Templates

I'm having a Template A with two items:

Total Storage Space (External Check, Key:["--metric","AllocatedStorage","--instance-id","{HOST.HOST}","--access-key","{$AWS_ACCESS_KEY}","--secret-key","{$AWS_SECRET_KEY}","--region","{$REGION}"])
Available Storage Space (External Check, Key:["--metric","FreeStorage","--instance-id","{HOST.HOST}","--access-key","{$AWS_ACCESS_KEY}","--secret-key","{$AWS_SECRET_KEY}","--region","{$REGION}"])

Now I would like to add a third item to the same template, calculating the free storage space in percentage.

According to the documentation, it should look like this: 100*last("vfs.fs.size[/,free]")/last("vfs.fs.size[/,total]")

So I've created this:

But for some reason, this does not work. The error I am seeing is the following:
Macro '{$AWS_ACCESS_KEY}' value is not numeric

Any tips on how I an resolve this?
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So on the begging you have:
so on first look it can be interpreted as last() arguments: "[" then "FreeStorageSpace" ..
Looks like messy quotations
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Made some changes and changed it into this:

I did the same change to the item itself

Now the error I am seeing is the following -> Item ... is not supported.

I am seeing that error because the quotes need to be double for the item. If the quotes are not the same in the item and the calculated item, I am getting the Item not found item error.

So whats the best approach here?
1) I need double quotes in the formula, but can't seem to use them
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Backslashes to the resque!

This eventually worked:

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