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Replace in the template Template Virt VMware Hypervisor all variable {HOST.HOST} by {$UUID}.
Add macro as explain ($USERNAME, $PASSWORD, $URL) and the last macro $UUID.
$UUID can be obtain by requesting the hypervisor webservices like https://hostnamme/mob/?moid=ha-host&...are.systemInfo You will see data like uuid "320d4e35-b3fd-11e3-a216-6cae8b33fc28" where string between "" is the data to used in $UUID macro.
you don't have to do that

when you add new host in zabbix

Host name: 320d4e35-b3fd-11e3-a216-6cae8b33fc28
Visible name: esxi-name

{HOST.HOST} = "Host name"
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