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Default mysql db backup suggestions

I had to restore my zabbix db from backup, the process worked, but was very slow. This is really my first use of mysql where I am concerned with backup and restore speed.

My backup was a mysqldump --quick --singletransaction (from memory, syntax may not be exact). With nearly 900 million rows in a 35Gb database, the restore took over 6 hours. The mysql server didn't look that stressed, the disk was about 50% busy (atop), cpu was about 60% over 4 cores. Hardware was 8Gb Dell 2950 and MD1000's. Target disk was raid50. The sql server has another zabbix db for networking on seperate disk that was active during the restore.

I'm wondering if I was building indexes during the load. I think maybe --opt would be better than --quick, but what I'm findnig is often good sounding but conflicting advise.

We are probably going to build a new zabbix environment on newer hardware soon, I'l like to try to do it better or even right next time.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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