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Unhappy Zabbix_sender doesn't work

i Created an Item with the following details
type = Zabbix Trapper
Key = trap
type of information = Numeric (unsigned)
Data type = Decimal
From one of my server i'm trying to send data to this item via the following syntax
zabbix_sender -z SRV0374 -p 10051 -s SRV0420 -k trap -i c:\scripts\logsuperview.txt -vv
and i obtain
zabbix_sender [2728]: Warning: [line 1] 'Key' required
sending failed.
the file logsuperview.txt contains only the number 1
i tried to send a number with -o "1" but it didn't work too.
zabbix_sender [5632]: DEBUG: answer [
{ "response":"success", "info":"processed: 0; failed: 1; total: 1; seconds spent: 0.000028"}
info from server: "processed: 0; failed: 1; total: 1; seconds spent: 0.000028"
sent: 1; skipped: 0; total: 1
Do i miss something ??
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-i, --input-file <inputfile>
    Load values from input file. Specify - for standard input. Each line of file contains whitespace delimited: <hostname> <key> <value>. Specify - in <hostname> to use hostname from configuration file or --host argument. All entries are sent in a sequential order top-down.
=> don't use key (-k trap) as parameter, but specify key in your input file
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Default Test done but i still have the problem

i tried the following command line.
C:\Scripts>zabbix_sender -z srv0374 -p 10051 -s SRV0420 -i c:\scripts\logsuperview.txt -vv
zabbix_sender [6896]: Warning: [line 1] 'Key' required
Sending failed.
The content of my file logsuperview.txt is
SRV0420 trap 4

So this means that
hostname = SRV0420
Key = trap
value = 4
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