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Originally Posted by ovas View Post

What happens, if you hit in Google's DNS servers in your network config? Will the problem persist?

Also, if the icmpping check downtime is low, you can adjust timeout accordingly, for example, to 2-5 seconds. Check possible icmpping parameters at:[]=icmpping
Thanks for your help, I have worked it out. Actually, the root cause is the dns server It performs good when i ping it, but sometimes failed to resolve dns name. Because of the bad network quality to Google's DNS server, we usually use it as the secondary dns server.
It's all my fault, i find out that one server has set two dns server while the other one only has But our computers and servers also use which never had problems, so maybe the browser has dns cache, but fping doesn't.
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Originally Posted by kloczek View Post
Thi issue has nothing to do with zabbix.
Fix you resolver (/etc/resolv.conf) or NSS settings (/etc/nsswitch.conf).
Thanks, it's exactly because of the dns server. Maybe fping doesn't cached the domain name resolutions.
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icmping, item, not supported

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