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Default Monitor SNMP SFP+ (10G) interface


I'm using a template with LLD for discover interfaces and it takes some item values like in-out bandwith, errors, etc...

For everything it works great, but i have one vlan interface over a 10G (sfp+) interface and sometimes it doesnt store all values for inbound traffic.

I checked the SFP+ interface instead the VLAN, with same results.

I think its not a disk error or a network drop of the SNMP request because all other interface graphs over the same network device are working properly.

Other interfaces have traffic less than 1G and link is also 1G

I think its something related to the amount of bandwith, seems when it goes over 1G it starts to fail, see the graphs below.

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Any advice for what to look or what to do?

Thank you, Zet.
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I read before somehwere that Counter32 type on SNMP is limited on its value size, if you are using monitoring for high bandwith interfaces, you should use Counter64 value type on the SNMP query. next command helped me to determine what value to use as OID:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c "CommunityString" "IPAddress" | grep Counter64

Best regards, Zet
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