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Default Feature Request: Retroactive Aggregate items

It would be very helpful, if I could create aggregate items (grpsum and grpavg for example) which would retroactively compute the values.

For example, I have host group "Big Servers". All hosts within this group have been gathering data for the item Since 1/1/2018:
On 1/10/2018 I create this item on a dummy host:
grpavg["Big Servers","system.cpu.load[percpu,avg15]",last,0]
The history of the aggregate item only goes as far back as when it was created (1/10/2018) even though technically we have the raw data required to compute the value of this item as far back as 1/1/2018.

If we are worried about an infinite computing problem, we could have a field on the item creation page where we set "Retroactive compute limit" so a user can specify how far back to retroactively compute the item.

Is this something that other people would find helpful? If there is a proper portal for submitting feature requests, I would gladly direct this there.

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yes it would be good for me also
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You are welcome to create a feature request at Then users can vote for it and comment.
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