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Default To Send Notification to the e-mail,

I have problems in sending zabbix notification through e-mail , when the trigger is set
On my Zabbix server , I have SMTP enabled and it is running fine
Follow is my setup for the media
MTP server => localhost
SMTP helo => localhost
SMTP email ==>

I am using "zabbix-1.1alpha10"

In the users configuration also , I had entered the media and did the changes , the option when active is set to “1-7,00:00-23:59” , I had selected all the options in the severity check box
It would be nice for me to have all notification send to my mail id
Please Guide me , Have I missed out some important configuration
Joseph John
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Default Now getting mail, after Zabbix trigger

After a lot of struggle , I was able to configure zabbix to send mail , had very little help from the documentation , after setting it up for me , I thought I will post the steps to the forum , so that others need not get into problems which I faced
My Setup , == > Zabix Server ==> MailServer

Step I
Define the MediaType, [ U can see from the configuration menu , right side , select it ]
My Setup is
SMTP Server == MailServerIP address// if the zabbix mahine is used as mail server , specify its IP address or give localhost
SMTP helo == localhost
SMTP email == zabbix@localhost

Step 2
Give trigger definition

Step 3
From the trigger menu , the “Actions” link from the action menu , specify where the message should be send , U can specify groups or individual users

Step 4
Go to the users setting , chose the media type , u had done in the step 1

Mail sending options should work now , if not please re-check the settings at trigger definition , and actions , double check when the message is sending , whether it is set to ON or OFF

Joseph John
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