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Default Incredible Stats

Is theres a way, a plugin or some other generator I can use for generating the bars and stats? If not dont you think this kind of stats like impressive?

I really says wow, how nice they are. Pingdom has also very nice graphics but justuptime is nicer.

Since the metrics are all the same regardless of the solution used, i suppose its the graph generator that build those stats. Im aware its not needed since it would just increase load, but if could be an optional plugin.
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It could look like they are using something like Open Flash Chart to create those graphs, and that doesn't actually put more load on the server, as it just feeds the data to a flash applet in the browser that renders the graphs. This means that the client machine does all the rendering, and the server just finds the numbers to be used in the graph.

There has also been a discussion about other graphs before, you can see the thread here:
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Thanks, I will discusss it there then.
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