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Default Item - Type of Information

This is either a suggestion to re-word the manual or to clarify my understanding

According to the latest manual, when configuring an Item, the "Type of information" field is the "Type of received data". However, if I select Numeric (unsigned) for a Counter64 SNMP OID and then select "Delta (speed per second)" for Store Value, the Item goes into Disabled state due to incorrect data type (error code 0x81).

Specifically, what I'm polling is OID, ifHCInMulticastPkts and am displaying the value with Units "pkts/s".

If "Type of information" is truly the type that is received, "Numeric (unsigned)" should be selected. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong or should the selection really be what the type of data will be once all operations are performed?

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you are correct, it's "type of data when stored"
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Thanks for the info!
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oid, snmp, type of information

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