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Originally Posted by jasiu1985 View Post
1) Is there a way directly from the add-on or Zabbix to make those reports generate automatically let's say once a week ?

I am also interested in this. It can be done with cron but I have to figure out the URL that is generated on reports.

As an example a script that does:

Then obtain the ./reports/host.pdf report and send it via email (preferably via a smart host)
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Originally Posted by peter68 View Post

How can i report bandwith utilization on some ports? including my trigger with 95percentile ? Now i get something like this


thanks for help
Hi Peter.

I am assuming the interfaces in your question are graphs, if not, correct me.

In your qouto $mygraphs is set to:

$mygraphs = '#(Ping|CPU load|CPU usage|Disk space|Swap|Ethernet|Memory usage|on eth interface Interface|RE+FPC+LOAD)#';
You would need to modify it to have a match for your interface names, like:

$mygraphs = '#(Ping|CPU load|CPU usage|Disk space|Swap|Ethernet|Memory usage|on eth interface Interface|RE+FPC+LOAD|Interface ge)#';
Or comment it and use the expression above that includes all graphs, which is often much more than you would want.
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