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Default JSON API output filter

From zabbix API documentation:

Get methods output parameter

Output can be “shorten”, “refer”, “extend” and array of db field names.

-shorten: only ids of elements are returned. (for hosts it's hostid, for items itemid etc)
-refer: element ids are returned with element ids that were used in query.
For example request item.get(output: refer, hostids: [1,2,3])) will return items with itemids and hostids.
-extend: all db fields of element are returned (select *)
-array of db fields: listed db fields are returned

What is the correct format to pass an array of db fields? I have tried the following:

but this only returns the itemids

or is there a different way to filter the returned fields?

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Default Not supported for items

After doing a little more digging, I found an update that states the following


“output”:“extend” means that you want to get all available info about each group. This, in a way, is similar to “SELECT *” in SQL. Possible options of “output” are:

“extend” - get all info;
“shorten” - get only ids of an object;
“refer” - get id of an object and also ids of related objects;
list of fields, like [“groupid”, “name”] - get only listed fields.

List of fields is only supported in Alert, DCheck, Host, DService, Screenitem, Template and Trigger get methods.
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