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Default Zabbix 1.8.6 API screen.delete permission failure

Hi gyus.

I try to work with ruby [] libs for Zabbix api, but sinse 1.8.6 there are some changes in API i modify some defs, and i have a problem with Deleting screen, in 1.8.4 i can simple remove all graphs from screen, now i need to delete screen, and create new screen which i populate with graps [Thx for it ] anyway in def del_all_graphs_from_screen(screen_id)
i remake message to this:

······message = { 
········'method' => 'screen.delete',
········'params' => {
··········'screenids' => [ screen_id ]
so i try to send screen.delete using my api user (it's working for all other operations, mass link template (also hellobug, get templates and oth) but i received error
Zabbix::ResponseError: Code: [-32500]. Message: [Application error.]. Data: [[ CScreen::delete ] You do not have permission to perform this operation].
I'm not php pro, i think there are some eror in API class, maybe someone can help me with this API method error?
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