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Question Maintenance flag on a remote host - disable alerts

Hi All,

I'm struggling with the logic of something that should be relatively straight forward.

I've been trying to set a flag so that the server maintainer can quietly work on the server without having alerts being generated. The maintenance periods can be at any time with no scheduling set up.

If the admin of the system simply stops the zabbix_agent then we'd still receive alerts when:
  1. The agent stops
  2. the agent starts
  3. after the start, kernel checksum changes
  4. users are added to the system i.e. new service added

So my reasoning was to add in a "suppress" option, a simple check on a file that says "If this item exists, DON'T send out a message". Taking it further, add in a message - but that can be handled at a later date perhaps. This will eventually go into an email "Admin Person 1 is updating the kernel" which will be sent out when they create the file.

I added the following into the zabbix_agent.conf and the zabbix_agentd.conf

UserParameter=maintenance.status,cat /etc/custom/maintmode
UserParameter=maintenance.message,cat /etc/custom/maintmode.msg
Now I can query these files from the server, which is great.

But in order not to send out messages when the files are present requires a NOT condition on the Actions.

Can anyone suggest anything? Anything at all? My head is going in circles trying to work out the logic for this one.

Hosts: Ubuntu 10.04
Server Ubuntu 10.04
Zabbix Server version: 1.8.1


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