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Two days ago working on my templates I found that in host items list view there is no on top list of the page tab with "screens". I've started looking across php code and actually I found that screens handling code is a bit messy. After study existing code I think that I understand why it is. Reason seem has some roots in fact that many zabbix versions ago it was no per host/template screens. Those screens have been handled over screens.php.

Since when you will enter to the Monitoring -> Hosts editing list of the items is handled over items.php, graphs over graphs.php, triggers over triggers.php, applications -> applicaions.php, discoveries -> discovery.php and web over httpconf.php it was not possible to use already occupated screens.php for the same analogical set of operations to modify per host/template screens.
In which is generating line with "Applications # Items # Triggers # Graphs # Discovery # Web #" "Screens #" string and link are added only when template is edited and seems someone simple forgot that as same as someone is looking for hosts graphs or other objects editing someone may be trying to reach host screens to edit.
Seems only reason why host screens are not reachable over Monitoring -> Hosts is related to some not so well architected hosts screens modifications.

I'm still trying to understand current pattern cross few php files to try add hosts screens editing over top line in items/applications/etc pages and as same add "Screens" link in each line of the hosts links reachable over Monitoring -> Hosts however I think that I'll need to have chat or exchange few emails with zabbix developers but now I'm almost sure that missing "Screens" links are more result of missing few bits and bolts during per host/template screens introduction.

Few weeks ago during conference in Riga I told Alexey about idea of templateting actions and recently I found that it is some set of cases when it would be good to have templated/per host maps as well.
In both cases it is similar situation like before with screens when like now actions and maps are only objects defined outside of the hosts/templates.
As I'm more or less interested to have such features I think that I will try to invest a bit time to understand better screens transition to maybe try to implement actions and maps as part of the templates as well.

I cannot promise anything but hopefully will have some opportunity to have conversation about what I found in next few days.

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thank you for the detailed and fast response kloczek, that makes sense...things can get convoluted over time on large projects like this!

Thanks again for taking the time to look through the code and answering the question
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