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Default TLS failed on windows client

Hello everyone.

I have an issue where I have setup certificate encryption from the zabbix server to the zabbix proxy.

Now in the monitored clients I see the following error in the agentd logs

9488:20171201:180431.415 failed to accept an incoming connection: from support for TLS was not compiled in

What does "not complied in" mean in a windows environment. I did create the certificate in OPENSSL in the zabbix server.

I there something I need to do with the clients agent config file to resolve this error and get encryption to work?

Thanks in Adavance
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Encryption of communication can not be used with public Zabbix agent binary for Windows.
Please build it yourself, or obtain an executable file built by incorporating encryption and try it.

ZBXNEXT-3047 : Windows Zabbix Agent Binary is not compiled with TLS Support
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