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Question Log Monitor mail flood prevention

Recently I've created a log file monitor. and an action to inform by mail on patterns found in log files.
when monitoring /var/log/syslog, in case of a RAM issue the log is filled with thousands of errors and all are being caught and an email is being sent for each alert (which caused my email to receive 100,000 emails from zabbix log file monitor.

How can I avoid this from happening in the future?

- Moshe
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You can take a look into <maxdelay> parameter for log[], log.count[], logrt[], logrt.count[] items - see

<maxdelay> parameter was designed to deal with fast growing log files by skipping records in case of huge number of messages in short time.

Also consider using log.count[] or logrt.count[] - they do not send every matching record to server but only number of matching records.
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