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Default Zabbix Agent 2.4.4 - problem with multiple instances on windows


I'm trying to run 3 agents instances on single Windows Server 2008 R2;
Since I'm in need of different ENV variables for each instance I'd like to run them as following:

-zabbix_agent_1 - Local System
-zabbix_agent_2 - user1
-zabbix_agent_3 - user2

I can run the Local system with user1 or user2, but can't get it to run all 3 instances at once - service crashes with error 1067 [The process terminated unexpectedly]. I've tried running them in different order.

Each agent is started with --multiple-agents parameter and has unique configuration file. Logfile, Hostname and ListenPort are also different for each instance. I've now given them separate binaries, but that also didn't help.

I'd greatly appreciate any tips on what may be causing the problem.
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2.4.4, agent, windows

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