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Default Zabbix web monitoring issue/clarification

Hi@ all,

I have a weird problem setting up web monitoring for a host.

Let me go a little bit into detail: we use Zabbix 3.2 server and 3 zabbix proxies.
One of the zabbix proxy is monitoring a host (HOST A) which is a HTTP Proxy (Squid).

Now, I want to set up web monitoring from this host through squid.
In the web scenario I´ve setup the HTTP proxy option to http://localhost:3128 but
the check fails with:
 Step "test" [1 of 1] failed: Couldn't connect to server: couldn't connect to host

Zabbix Server -- -> Zabbix Proxy ---> Host A (Squid/3128) ---> Internet

Any hints are much appreciated.
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