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Post ZABBIX New Training Programs

ZABBIX SIA has introduced two new training programs on ZABBIX monitoring solution, „ZABBIX Distributed Monitoring” and „ZABBIX Internals”.

The first program is a two-day training course “ZABBIX Internals”. It is aimed at the users in need of profound knowledge of ZABBIX architecture and inner processes and who are willing to gain the technical skills to administer network and system environments based on ZABBIX. It covers such topics as ZABBIX Agents and Servers, GUI, the coding standard, extending ZABBIX functionality and other.

The second training program is a one-day course “ZABBIX Distributed Monitoring” dealing with principles of ZABBIX distributed monitoring, its configuration, performance issues and more. Its target audience is the IT specialists, who use most of ZABBIX advanced monitoring features and ensure best functioning of the system.

According to Alexei Vladishev, the CEO of ZABBIX SIA, “These two thorough training courses provide in-depth insight into ZABBIX structure and functionality. Thus, if ZABBIX users attend the courses, they will be able to use their ZABBIX systems at full capacity and minimum difficulties.

The last course, “ZABBIX Certified Specialist” training, which has been presented by ZABBIX SIA two years ago, has already earned a good reputation for the advanced skills ZABBIX Certified Specialists demonstrate with ZABBIX software.

For more information on ZABBIX training programs kindly see

About ZABBIX SIA: ZABBIX SIA is focused on development of ZABBIX, open source software for monitoring of networks and applications. Apart from that the company offers a wide range of professional services designed to fit every customer's unique business demands including implementation, integration, custom development and consulting services as well as training programs. Please, visit ZABBIX SIA web-site for more details.
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