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Anyones thoughts on getting snmp traps from Dell/ESXi server

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    Anyones thoughts on getting snmp traps from Dell/ESXi server

    I would be interested in anyones thoughts about this issue.

    I have a dell 720xd that runs VMWare ESXi 5.1.

    I can access snmp and get traps from the ESXi server.
    I can also access the drac via snmp and get traps from it.
    I have Openmanage installed on the ESXi server for Dell snmp info.

    So I create an item in zabbix for the ESXi host and use the snmp address of the server.

    If I get a trap from the dell DRAC interface, the regex snmptrap[""] wont pick it up because it's coming from the drac and not the SNMP interface address.

    If I assign the ESXi item snmp interface to the drac, then if an snmp trap comes over on the ESXi snmp interface, the regex snmptrap[""] wont see it for that server either.

    Anyone have any thoguhts?


    If you've got IDrac 7 on the dell server can monitor all of thee underlying hardware including the RAID through the DRAC using SNMP.



      To be clear, Dell servers with ESXi 5.1 installed only send snmp traps. There are hardware profiles available via snmp, but far fewer then a normal server.

      And RAID is only available via traps. Which is a bit disappointing.


        If you have a DRAC installed and it is version 7 then you can read the RAID status from the DRAC via snmp.


          snmpwalk on an Dell R710 server with esxi server and Openmanage installed.

          snmpwalk -v 2c -c public .
          SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.674.10893 = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

          snmpwalk on on a Dell R710 Linux installed and Openmanage installed.

          snmpwalk -v 2c -c public localhost .
          SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.674.10893. = STRING: "4.3.0"
          SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.674.10893. = INTEGER: 3
          SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.674.10893. = STRING: "Dell Inc."
          SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.674.10893. = STRING: "Server Administrator (Storage Management)"
          SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.674.10893. = STRING: "Configuration and monitoring of disk storage devices."


            Login to the DRAC and see if can see RAID in there. You should be able to if it is version 7.

            The SNMP OID's are a little different for the DRAC. I can fish out details of the file tomorrow.



              Yes, I can see the raid in the drac.

              But documentation does say it's not available in esxi 5.1.

              But with that said, if you know an alternative, PLEASE let me know.



                Try the attached template... Add a host with this template define the SNMP interface only with the IP of the DRAC and see what it picks up.

                I'm using this template with Version 7 DRAC's and it's working a treat. Most of this is not there on version 6. I'm not sure yet if it requires full DRAC or if you can read the data on iDrac Express.
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                  If you want to read traps from ESXi itself then that is different again. It is possible to enable SNMP on a ESXi host and there are articles on the VMWARE forums about this. OpenManage on ESXi is next to useless. You can read hardware information from the host, but you need to use a python wbem module and it's a pain to configure and get working reliably.


                    Did that template work against the iDrac?


                      Import failed on ZBX 2.2

                      Tried to import it and got the following error:
                      Cannot implode expression "{Template Dell iDrac SNMPV2:GlobalSystemStatus.max(0)}#3". Incorrect trigger function "max(0)" provided in expression. Invalid first parameter.


                        I couldn't import for some reason, but I copied the OID's. Those work.



                          I'm not sure why the template won't import... it works fine here... There are auto-discovery rules there to make sure everything is detected...



                            Can you please provide the valuemaps for this template. Import is failing because of missing valuemaps.



                              This is cut and pasted from our console as still on 2.0 and can't export value maps..

                              Dell Open Manage System Status 1 ⇒ Other
                              2 ⇒ Unknown
                              3 ⇒ OK
                              4 ⇒ NonCritical
                              5 ⇒ Critical
                              6 ⇒ NonRecoverable

                              DellPowerState 1 ⇒ Other
                              2 ⇒ Unknown
                              3 ⇒ Off
                              4 ⇒ On

                              DellDracDiskState 1 ⇒ Unknown
                              2 ⇒ Ready
                              3 ⇒ Online
                              4 ⇒ Foreign
                              5 ⇒ Offline
                              6 ⇒ Blocked
                              7 ⇒ Failed
                              8 ⇒ Non-RAID
                              9 ⇒ Removed

                              DellRaidLevel 1 ⇒ Not known
                              2 ⇒ RAID-0
                              3 ⇒ RAID-1
                              4 ⇒ RAID-5
                              5 ⇒ RAID-6
                              6 ⇒ RAID-10
                              7 ⇒ RAID-50
                              8 ⇒ RAID-60
                              9 ⇒ Concatenated RAID 1
                              10 ⇒ Concatenated RAID 5

                              DellRaidVolumeState 1 ⇒ Unknown
                              2 ⇒ Online
                              3 ⇒ Failed
                              4 ⇒ Degraded

                              Dell_PSU_SensorState 1 ⇒ Presence Detected
                              2 ⇒ PS Failure
                              4 ⇒ Predictuve Failure
                              8 ⇒ PS AC lost
                              16 ⇒ AC lost or out of range
                              32 ⇒ AC out of range but still present

                              Dell PSU State Settings 1 ⇒ Unknown
                              2 ⇒ Online (state disabled)
                              4 ⇒ not Ready
                              8 ⇒ Fan Failure
                              10 ⇒ Online and Fan Failure
                              16 ⇒ On
                              242 ⇒ Online and OK



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