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Zabbix 4.0 release schedule

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    Zabbix 4.0 release schedule

    The product release cycle page says Zabbix 4.0 is scheduled for release in Q1 2018. I am planning to upgrade my environment soon, and I might want to wait until 4.0 is released instead of just upgrading a minor version now. Do we know if we're still on schedule for releasing Zabbix 4.0? Q1 of 2018 ends in about 1 week.

    I'm OK with waiting a bit longer if the release is delayed. I just want to get an idea of how long we anticipate the delay to be so I can plan my maintenance windows.

    Please read this post.


      That link no longer exists. I posted there a week ago, asking what the recommended upgrade path will be, since I cannot continue to wait for the 4.0 release before a new deployment, but the thread now appears to be gone. I didn't receive any notification about my post being moderated either.

      Are questions and threads about Zabbix 4.0 release being deleted?


      • Atsushi
        Atsushi commented
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        My link does not seem to exist.

        At the moment, it seems that the timing of Zabbix 4.0 release is not decided.
        The development team seems to be working on adding some functions and improving quality.

        If you want to start using it immediately, please select the released version.

      • Alex.S
        Alex.S commented
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        Hey Gram,

        Just a quick comment regarding "Are questions and threads about Zabbix 4.0 release being deleted?" - that is definitely not the case, I assure you. If it was deleted, then my only assumption is that it was done in error.

      Could you restore this topic? it was recently available


        Hey, guys.
        Lifecycle & release seems to be updated.

        This policy states that Zabbix 4.0 LTS is scheduled for the Q3, 2018.

        I hope it will be released next month.



        No announcement yet.