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Windows Zabbix agent not reporting to server

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    Windows Zabbix agent not reporting to server

    Having a strange issue, maybe you can help me out. We're using Zabbix agents on windows hosts to monitor some hardware sensors using wmi objects and powershell to get temps and % usage values and pipe them into the server to view on graphs and monitor. We're seeing a strange issue where sometimes, random agents just stop reporting (the data doesn't hit the graphs) even though the clients show connected in the dash on the hosts page. This doesn't always happen, but its really not ideal as these systems are used during a live broadcast where monitoring these sensors is important.

    These 10 systems are rebooted after each game and they come back up at the same time, could this be the cause if the server gets 10 requests at the exact same time, only 1 gets through?

    Maybe I'm retarded and its very obvious!

    Agent version 3.4.0 (revision 71462)

    Server version 2.0.5 (I don't manage this, I REALLY want to get this updated though
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    Thank you for such an herculean solution. Totally agreed with the concept. It really worked for me.



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