In our environment we have the Zabbix Server (hosted in AWS) and 22 proxy servers, most of which are hosted on-prem at our various office locations. At each location, the proxy servers monitor all of the servers and network equipment. All of the communication between each location and our Central Datacenter is carried over a private network. This is true for the proxy servers as well. All communication and IP's are private. Additionally at each location we have an Out of Band circuit that goes out over the public internet (no VPN).
The problem we are facing is, what if one of the devices that lies between the proxy and the server goes down, thus preventing the proxy from sending updates to the server. Even though the proxy is not actually down, from a server perspective, it is along with everything being monitored by the proxy.
What we would like to know is if there is a way to configure the proxy servers to use the private network pipeline as we are now, but if that pipeline breaks down, force it to use the route via the Out of Band Circuit? This is very critical as we have multiple instances were a router or firewall has gone down at a location and the whole office is treated as being down when in reality it was just one device.