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Zabbix 2.2 configuration.import API generating 500 error

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    Zabbix 2.2 configuration.import API generating 500 error

    Hello Experts,

    We have few zabbix servers where we keep the configuration in sync by using configuration.import/export API calls. The API calls works with servers where we have around 300 hosts. If the hosts go beyond 1000 the API fails with 500 read time out error. The configuration size is only 74KB with 28 items in it. Its not total failure of API calls. Just the configuration import is behaving unexpectedly.

    We have zabbix.conf configured with 900 seconds of timeout and memory size of 1024M and same in httpd.conf. In error_log of httpd I don't see any complains on memory issue or timeouts. Neither do I see anything in zabbix_server.log. Could anyone please help us with some expert insight?

    After my lunch break when I checked the items have showed up. It might sound stupid but I have seen in the past where number of hosts assigned to the template slow the API response. I read recently in forum that configuration import doesn't depend on host numbers so I had ignored this aspect. Is it true that configuration import via API or otherwise depend of hosts assigned to the template getting updated? If yes then how do you manage changes in large environments? We have 8000 agents but they go to different servers. Option of LLD was briefly looked at but I was confused on integrating pull mechanism for config changes in push based LLD.

    Thank you for you time.
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