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Zabbixdba and large configuration

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    Zabbixdba and large configuration

    I have to check a lot of oracle databases. I tested several tools in Zabbix share. For now I think ZabbixDba is the most appropriate when you have a lot of databases. Is it true. Has anyone ever used zabbixdba with several hundred oracle instances. If yes how to dimension the machine (cpu, memory).
    Thank you very much if you can help me.

    Zabbixdba and large configuration


    I don't understand you very well. Are you thinking about monitoring a lot of Oracle databases?... or you mean you're going to use a Oracle Database for Zabbix and there are a lot of Databases stored in the same server?

    I've never use Zabbixdba, but I recommend you to configure large-pages and define correct limits for kernel in the system. Try to asign enough memory for database dataset looking for a better performance for your enviroment.

    I don't know if you're going to use MySQL or Oracle for Zabbix, but start reading this links:

    Good luck!


      Thanks HarryKalahan and sorry to delay but i was out for a long time.
      I want to monitor databases Oracle. Zabbix is running with mysql.
      For now i am testing zbxora.