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    Trend (prediction)

    Hey all,

    I;ve been digging through the manual and the forums, but I cant find a good answer to this question: Is it possible to do trending or trend prediction within zabbix? Say, predict the disk usage a week from now? That way I could take preemtive actions, instead of waiting for a trigger telling my disk is nearly full...

    If not, can someone move this to the 1.8 suggestions thread?

    That doesn't exist.

    You can just create a new post on the suggestions thread


      We have plans on implementing this functionality in future. No ETA yet.
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        Originally posted by Alexei View Post
        We have plans on implementing this functionality in future. No ETA yet.
        Hi Alexei,

        Could you elaborate on what you mean by "we have plans on implementing this functionality in the future"?

        What do you mean by "in the future" this year, next year, the next five years?

        Also, what do you mean by "functionality"? Logical regression? Neural network? A Bayesian approach? All the these? None of these? Something else?



          Hi all,

          I would like to bring this thread up again, any further details yet?



            Any news on this? Or the best way to do it?


              +1 for Trending!



                Pretty broad scope on this feature idea without more specification I think...

                Originally posted by CeeEss View Post
                You mean like the trend lines in Ganglia?

                As a round about way you can go to the History of an item and copy those values into Excel (or some other spreadsheet program) to generate a trend graph. I tend to just extrapolate the trend by looking at the graph though. Or you could print it out and use a ruler and biro hehe

                It would be nice to be able to do this directly in Zabbix, but I'm unsure of the value of it if it is just a trend line on a graph. More advanced functionality e.g. ability to select trending algorithm, smoothing options, interaction on the graph to be able to select points to see exact values, how to deal with missing data points etc., would be required for me to consider this a serious feature from a business intelligence point of view. I'm not sure if that is what the OP was asking for though...



                  Someone has a patch, which seems to have been neglected...




                  No announcement yet.