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SNMP printer status (octet)

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    SNMP printer status (octet)

    i am trying to use zabbix to monitor the status of a printer.

    in the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB it describes

    hrPrinterDetectedErrorState {
    type binary;
    config "false";
    "This object represents any error conditions detected
    by the printer. The error conditions are encoded as
    bits in an octet string, with the following

    Condition Bit #

    lowPaper 0

    noPaper 1
    lowToner 2
    noToner 3
    doorOpen 4
    jammed 5
    offline 6
    serviceRequested 7
    inputTrayMissing 8
    outputTrayMissing 9
    markerSupplyMissing 10
    outputNearFull 11
    outputFull 12
    inputTrayEmpty 13
    overduePreventMaint 14

    Bits are numbered starting with the most significant
    bit of the first byte being bit 0, the least
    significant bit of the first byte being bit 7, the
    most significant bit of the second byte being bit 8,
    and so on. A one bit encodes that the condition was
    detected, while a zero bit encodes that the condition
    was not detected.

    This object is useful for alerting an operator to
    specific warning or error conditions that may occur,
    especially those requiring human intervention.";
    smiid "";

    when using snmpwalk it returns a hex value ( 81 04 or 81 00 )

    but it is actualy an OCTET value as described in the MIB file. is there a possibility to convert the hex or nativley use the octed value?

    i know that the snmpwalk returns a hex if the octet cannot be displayed (illegal character or something)

    if thats possible how can i use zabbix to change the octed to the 1 out of 14 conditions ?

    it is gettig me a real pain in the ass :|
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